Kevin Dunlap, owner of the renowned LA skate shop 118 Board and Tim Gavin created DVS Skate Shoes in 1995. Working through Podium Distribution, DVS is a leader in skate shoes. During a time when the world of skateboarding was a fringe subculture, Dunlap funded DVS through his already lucrative skate shop and Gavin took on the marketing aspects. Gavin had been skating since 1988, sponsored by the likes of Airbourne, H-street, and later Blind. Dunlap had 118 Board. The two, and other skaters alike, were dissatisfied with skate shoes on the market at that time, and wanted to create a shoe that was designed specifically for skaters. They wanted a lower sole for more board feel and an aesthetic look. This concept took off and DVS grew. Working closely from the beginning with Daewon Song, DVS Skate Shoes developed some great designs. A leader in progressive footwear, technologies like Bruise Control cushioning systems, ECOTRUE recyclable materials, and CGT grip, DVS Shoes has also expended to encompass much more.
DVS Rico CT Shoes  Grey/Black Suede
DVS Torey Shoes  Black/White/Grey Suede
DVS Vapor Shoes  Black/Gold Suede
DVS Daewon 13 CT Shoes  Red/Gum Suede
DVS Daewon 13 CT Shoes  Black/Grey Suede
DVS Nica Shoes  Black/Gum Suede
DVS x Grizzly Torey Shoes  Black Suede
MSRP: $65.00
sale price $39.99
DVS Vapor Shoes  Black/Gum Suede
DVS Daewon 13 CT Shoes  Black/Red/Gum Suede
MSRP: $60.00
sale price $34.99
DVS Torey 3 Shoes  Black Suede
DVS Nica Shoes  Blue Suede
DVS Revival BTS Shoes Black Nubuck
DVS Kids Torey Shoes  Black/Red Suede
DVS Kids Torey CTX Shoes  Black/Green Suede
MSRP: $45.00
sale price $22.99
DVS Blitz T-Shirt
DVS Action Pocket T-Shirt
DVS Micro Icon Crew Sweatshirt