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Hesh Law is the third video installment since the resurrection of Creature. Creature had actually started the conceptualizing of Hesh Law during their last video, Black Metal. The idea was to offer a video like nothing the general skate public had ever seen using our unique team outlook. A brutal feast for the eyes that would represent everything that Creature stands for. Since it’s conception, the ideas have changed and evolved into something so much bigger than Creature ever anticipated. Hesh Law combines all facets of skateboarding, from the harsh bridge scene to the streets to the vert ramp and beyond. They travel the globe in search of ancient ceremonial pits of concrete to unleash a fury in green and black. They have assembled a crew over the years that is very similar to how the vikings may have created an army back in the dark times. Features: Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Al Partanen, Neil Heddings, Stu Graham, David Gravette, Adrian Mallory, Devin Appelo, Taylor Bingman, Sean Conover, Alex Horn, Silent Mike, John Ponts, Gordon Eckler, Cody Boat, Seth McCallum, Raven Tershay.

Soundtrack includes:

Truman Hooker - The Sonics - The Witch
Japan - Yamoto Drummers - Dzauku
Devin Appelo - Terrorizer - Ghost Train
Barrio Logan section - Sonic's Rendevouz - City Slang
Sean Conover - Dicks - Lifetime Problems
Pool Law - The A.D's - Livin' Downtown
Adrian Mallory & Silent Mike - Joe Buck Yourself - Born To Scare
Bridge Law - Darkthrone - Raised On Rock
Taylor Bingaman - Brotha Lynch Hung - Rest In Piss
South America #1 - Black Cobra - El Doce De Octubre
South America # 2 - Brujera - Sida De La Mente
David Gravette - Pentagram - Forever My Queen
Vert - Thin Lizzy- Emerald
Bonus Disc:
Parts Part - The King Khan & BBQ Show - Zombies
Blood Shed The Movie #1 - Grindline The Band - Broken Bottles
Blood Shed The Movie #2 - Watch Me Burn - Mandrake
Blood Shed The Movie #3 - Flying Sutra - Blurrier
Blood Shed The Movie #4 - Flying Sutra - The Bloody Aftermath
Blood Shed The Movie #5 - Flying Sutra - El Cucaracha Grande
Blood Shed The Movie #6 - Drunk Injuns - Mental Holocaust
Blood Shed The Movie #7 - Digested Flesh - Splatter Pattern
Blood Shed The Movie #8 - Watch Me Burn - Infect
Tales Of The Larb #1 - Black Cobra - Thrown From Great Heights
Tales Of The Larb #2 - Goyter - Orbeting Refuse

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