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Dominoes are dated back as far as 1350 B.C.E., with the oldest known domino set discovered in Tutankhamen's tomb, among the ruins of Thebes. Historically, domino's were played by kings and presidents, and carved of ivory or bone. The name Domino comes from their resemblance to Venetian Carnival masks, which were white with black spots, and yet ultimately the name derives from dominus, the Latin word for lord or master. Played worldwide in a wide variety of styles, Dominoes made their way to Europe during the 18th century, spotted first in Italy. During the 19th century dominoes were commonly used in rural England to settle disputes over grazing boundaries. Back then, dominoes were commonly called "bonesticks". Today we find a new set of bones entering the scene, the Creature Bones Domino Set. This set sports your dominos in a horrific black and green design with Creature branding at one side. These bones also come your way in a deathly wooden case, making transportation and display gruesomely awesome. Get your very own tiles of doom.

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