Bullet Adult Safety Set (knee/elbow/wrist)


Need safety gear? This is the set you're looking for. Everything you need for the park (except the Helmet). The Adult Safety Set from Bullet comes with adult sized knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads. These Bullet knee and elbow pads are constructed with a tough cordura, a comfortable neoprene backing, and durable plastic caps. Perfect all around pads for beginning to intermediate riders. Pad Sets include 2 knee and elbow pads plus wrist guards. Adult works for 65+ lbs. Adult sizes are general, one size fits most. Pad logo style/color may vary, please call for current selection at 1-800-467-5283.


  • Tough cordura construction
  • Comfortable neoprene backing
  • Durable plastic caps
  • For adults 65+ lbs.
  • Two knee pads
  • Two elbow pads
  • Two wrist gaurds
  • Tons of fun!



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