Introducing the Alien Workshop DIY Deck Kit. The kit includes a 7 ply maple skateboard blank, a shape template sheet, three logo stencils, and detailed instructions. This shit is perfect for shop class or anyone who wants to get handy. Be in control of your own board. The blank can accommodate a shape up to 9'' wide x 33'' long. There are laser engraved center lines on the top of the deck so that the shape can easily be lined up, and the truck holes are pre drilled for a 14 1/4'' wheel base. The shape templates include a standard street shape, an old school shape, and a cruiser shape. They can be used as is, or simply as a starting point. Limitless by Design.

1. Suggested tools and materials:

  • Protective eyewear, gloves, scissors, marker, ruler, tape, jigsaw or ban saw, router or sandpaper, spray paint, clear coat

2. Pick your shape:

  • Choose the deck shape from the provided template or draw your own
  • Cut template using scissors

3. Draw center line:

  • Draw a line through the center of the deck using etched guides

4. Trace template:

  • Align the center line of the template to the center line drawn on the deck
  • Trace the template onto the deck using a marker

5. Cut shape:

  • Use a jigsaw or band saw to cut the shape from the deck
  • Always wear protective eyewear when using powertools

6. Refine shape:

  • Use a rasp or sand paper to round and smooth the raw edge
  • When finished you may protect the edges of the deck with a spray or brush-on clear coat

7. Graphics:

  • Apply custom graphics with provided stencil or make your own

8. Go Skate!

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