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The 500 Murks Lurks Hammerhead Complete 9.25 x 27.25

- 27.25" Long x 9.25" Wide- 13" Wheelbase- Full Gradient Color Way- Wheel Size 62MM 78A- 7ply Maple Construction- 160MM Slant  Trucks- Bushings 90A- .50” Riser Pads- Abec 5  Bearings

About The Board:The 500 Skateboards x Murk Lurks "Hammered" model is an old school shape fused with a mini cruiser. The color gradient deck and wheels let you know this board is ready to party.

Custom Hang-Tag: Every board comes with a custom hand-printed, numbered hang-tag, produced by OldStar Press on a 2,700 lb. vintage 1915 Chandler & Price Craftsman press; creating a certificate of authenticity for each skateboard.

About The Artist: “My subject matter has a lot to do with SouthBay beach life and the music I’m into. It’s just inspired by stuff that goes on in my life. The other day I ate pizza and I drew a slice of pizza. I take everything that goes on in my life and throw it into a melting pot,
and I guess that’s where I get my designs from.”  
-Murk Lurks

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